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Starr Abbott's traditional style of oil painting is reminiscent of the renaissance of the European Old Master's. Starr is endowed with an unusual ability to capture the depth, truth, and beauty of her subject matter in rich vivid colors. However, only a handful of people understand that Starr's paintings are her own emotional locution, this parlance is the sole of her art and is embodied into the totality of her artistry; assimilated in, colors, objects, subjects, foregrounds, and backgrounds. She weaves this stealthy quintessence into her paintings without causing a ripple in the proper composition of the work, deceiving the most trained observer to see only a beautiful master style painting. Descendant of three generations of accomplished artists, Starr has not only inherited talent, but has a rare, and deep understanding of the arts. Abbott's grandfather, C.S. Pietro, was noted as New York Society sculptor in the early 1900's. Among many patrons and friends of her grandfather were Henry Ford, J.P. Morgan, and President W.H. Taft. Two Uncles, Salvatore Scarpitta and C.S. Pietro Jr., were also among the many accomplished artists and sculptors in Starr Abbott's family.


Starr Abbott - Fine Art Paintings

Starr has won numerous awards for local and National art shows. American Artist Magazine, Southwest Art Magazine, and other major publications feature her work. Starr was one of the winners of the American Artist magazine. Her work was one of only 100 paintings chosen out of 16,000 artists in the United States for show. Exhibitions of Starr Abbott's work started in 1966 at the Sahara Hotel, Las Vegas, when she was only a teenager; these exhibitions were expanded in 2003. A few exhibitions include: The Grand Central Art Galleries on 57th St. in New York City, 1988, 1989 and 1991; The Heritage Art Galleries, New Jersey 1990. Winner of major competitions including: (Partial list) the Artists Magazine 1991 second out of 15,000 entries. Starr has won two Best of Show Awards at the Las Vegas Art Museum. She won 1st prize at the Dixie Regional Invitational at Dixie College. Starr has also won many 1st and 2nd place awards at the St. George Art Festivals. Her works have been seen at State of the Art 1993 Boston, invitation to a most prestigious show; Widmen Galleries, Las Vegas 2002; The Kolob Art Galleries, Springville, UT 2003. Starr Abbott is currently with the Markman Gallery, located within the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas.

Education: Starr won a Scholarship, at the age of thirteen, to Chouinard's Art School in Los Angeles, CA. She also attended Private Art School with old master Emile Nizet and later with Steven Lesnick.

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Starr Abbott - Little Angel Art
Starr Abbott - Enchantment Fairy Fantasy Art
Starr Abbott - Little Apprentice
Little Apprentice
Starr Abbott - Gazebo Tea Party
Starr Abbott - Spirit of Elijah
Starr Abbott - A Lost Love
Spirit of Elijah
A Lost Love
Starr Abbott - Three Graces
Starr Abbott - Bounty on Lace
Starr Abbott - Nature's Broom
Three Graces
Bounty on Lace
Nature's Broom
Starr Abbott - Little Spencer
Starr Abbott - A Road Not Ventured
Starr Abbott - Little Terra
Little Spencer
A Road Not Ventured
Little Terra

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