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Onnalee Graham - Fine Art Watercolor Paintings

Onnalee Graham has lived, gone to school, and raised a family in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She has worked as a commercial layout artist and graphic designer for decades. Essentially self-taught in watercolor, it is only since 1993 that she has returned to her first love and begun to paint just for the sake of painting. She is endlessly fascinated by the myriad nuances of depicting that basic element—water, in all its forms and manifestations—in watercolor.

Believing one paints best what one knows and loves the most; Onnalee has developed a long series on canoeing in the BWCAW, which has become a book in three parts. Now she is "branching out" and experimenting with different techniques and subjects. The several awards garnered and many plaudits of colleagues and friends still amazes her. All these years and hundreds of paintings later, Onnalee is "challenged and pleasantly surprised when the pictures in my head are matched by the paintings I complete. There are still many more to be done."

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Onnalee Graham - Gathering of Gulls
Onnalee Graham - Rockport, Maine
Onnalee Graham - My, She's Yar!
Gathering of Gulls (NEW)
Rockport, Maine (NEW)
My, She's Yar! (NEW)
Onnalee Graham - Outbound Lobstah Boat
Onnalee Graham - Red Sail
Onnalee Graham - Nice Boat
Outbound Lobstah Boat (NEW)
Red Sail (NEW)
Nice Boat (NEW)
Onnalee Graham - Willow Rider
Onnalee Graham - Still Bassin
Onnalee Graham - Garden Wall
Willow Rider
Still Bassin'
Garden Wall (NEW)
Watercolor Painting of the Foshay Tower in Minneapolis
Onnalee Graham - Girl with a Pearl Earring
Onnalee Graham - Three Emmas and a Lena
Landmarks 1956
Ver Meer's GIRL
... with a Pearl Earring
3 Emmas and a Lena
Onnalee Graham - Casting for Cut-Throats
Onnalee Graham - Himalayan Village
Onnalee Graham - Grand Tetons National Park
Casting for Cut-Throats
Himalayan Village
Grand Tetons
National Park
Onnalee Graham - Dad's Dahlia
Onnalee Graham - Ol' Bear
Onnalee Graham - Lower Yellowstone Waterfalls
Dad's Dahlia
Ol' Bear (NEW)
Lower Yellowstone Falls
Onnalee Graham - Fantasy Vine
Onnalee Graham - Paused Nude
Onnalee Graham - Vanessa Meditation Art
Fantasy Vine
Paused Nude
Vanessa (SOLD)

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